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What is the ACP Connector?

Designed for use with the 047 Semi Rigid cable, the ACP is unique as it is the first commercially available coaxial connector to utilize a butt splice electrical interconnect at high frequency.  This approach provides disruptive speed and low loss.

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The ACP connector upgrades the industry standard “pin and socket” type interconnect with a solderless, compression fit, butt splice interconnect. 

This interconnect is similar in function to those used in Integrated Circuit (IC) socket designs. We call this component the “Interposer”.

ACP-047-A-PCB section render.jpg

Why Choose the ACP?

  • Fast Risetime 

  • High Frequency 

  • Low Loss

  • High Density (Ø9.91mm x 4.57mm footprint)

  • Long Cycle Life 

  • Fully Solderless, reusable and field replaceable PCB compression contact (Both PCB and Cable attachment do not require soldering)

  • Unique moisture sealing properties (Grease can be applied directly to the electrical interface surface and still function)

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