What is the ACP Connector?

The Asexual Coaxial Probe (ACP) Connector is a novel style of electrical connector used in conjunction with coaxial cables in the transmission of data or telecommunications at high frequency.  The  ACP is unique as it is the first commercially available coaxial connector to utilize a elastomeric electrical interface.  This interface provides disruptive longevity, performance and value.

Quarter Section

The ACP connector upgrades the industry standard “pin and socket” type interface with an asexual Printed Circuit Board (PCB) interface. 

This interface is similar in function to those used in Integrated Circuit (IC) socket designs, widely used in industry. We call this interface the “Interposer”.

ACP-047-A-PCB section render.jpg

Unique ACP

  • Longest Cycle life in the industry

  • Cheapest per cycle cost in the industry

  • PCB Solderless Compression Contact

  • High Frequency (>100GHz possible)

  • Cable assembly does not require expensive stripping equipment

  • Interposers are easily customizable, allowing project specific optimizations

  • Durable construction (Very difficult to damage under normal operating conditions)

  • Unique moisture sealing properties (Grease can be applied directly to the electrical interface surface and still function)

  • Extreme power handling (Connectors can be optimized to match the power handling capability of the cable)

ACP-047-SS-A/PCB BETA Connector

The ACP-047-SS-A/PCB BETA Connector is the worlds first commercially available High Frequency Elastomeric Butt Connector.

Each ACP-047-SS-A/PCB Connector assembly comes with both the Male and Female mechanical mating bodies, as well as the Asexual interposer. Contact us today and become a Beta Tester!

Mechanical Specifications

Size (Full Assembly):
Length(MM)                                                                                         9.91    
Width/Dia. (MM)                                                                                5.65    
Height (MM)                                                                                      12.86   
Weight (G)                                                                                            2.10
Mounting Screw Spacing (MM)                                                  7.16
Mounting Screw Type                                                                 #0-80
Mating Cycles                                                                          >100,000

Performance by Frequency

                    DC to 18                                        -29.50                                            1.06:1                                           0.052        
                     18 to 27                                        -26.01                                            1.10:1                                           0.082  
                     27 to 40                                        -22.83                                            1.11:1                                           0.067
                     40 to 50                                        -20.94                                            1.19:1                                           0.098
                     50 to 67                                        -18.65                                            1.26:1                                           0.161
                     67 to 85                                        -15.22                                            1.41:1                                           0.408
                     85 to 99                                        -10.36                                            1.87:1                                           1.304


  • Housing: Stainless Steel, Passivated

  • Contact: Copper with NiCarb surface finish (NiCarb is a trade secret Nickel/Carbon matrix) 

Back -To-Back Test Data

Back to Back Final-01_edited.jpg

Return Loss (s11)

100G Return Loss.png

Insertion Loss (s21)

100G Insertion Loss.png
*all data presented was generated by our 3rd party Consultant, GateWave Northern. For more in-depth performance analysis and s2p files, please check our "Data" page for downloads