Close-up of NiCarb Bump

The Basics

NiCarb is an nano crystalline, Nickel Carbon alloy that utilizes the Quantum size effect. The material behaves as a bulk Sharvin contact, demonstrating extreme electrical, RF and thermal performance.

NiCarb is made using standard industrial electrodeposition techniques, making the process production worthy and scaleable.

NiCarb Pad Cross Section

A representational stack up of a NiCarb pad on PCB Laminate

Examination of topological uniformity

SEM at 1090x magnification, 60 degree angle.


  • Bandwidth:  (DC to Greater than 100 Ghz)

  • Self Inductance: 0.01 nH

  • Mutual Inductance: 0.0 (Mutual Inductance Cancellation)

  • Mutual Capacitance: 0.001 pf

  • Contact Resistance: <5 mΩ

  • Extreme Hardness (Mohs Scale 9 or greater)

  • Extreme Strength 

  • Extreme power handling (over 12 amps per contact at 1.0 mm pitch) 

  • Fine pitches possible

  • Ultra Pure, Ultra fine grain Nickel Carbon alloy

  • Gas tight, oxide penetrating connection

  • Allows for high quality electrical connections even in the presence of adhesive, dirt or grease 

  • Replaces soldering, Wire bonding and on bump bonding with diffusion bonding.

  • Viable for all stages of electronics device development

Potential Applications

  • Electronics

  • Semiconductors

  • Telecommunications

  • Quantum computers

  • Hall effect sensors

  • Low loss wires

  • High Voltage connectors

  • RF Connectors

  • Heat pipes

  • Distillation

  • Electric motors and generators

  • Heat Sinks

  • Antenna

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