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Close-up of NiCarb Bump

The Basics

NiCarb is an ultra fine grain Nickel Carbon alloy that behaves as a Sharvin Contact. NiCarb utilizes  the extreme size quantization effects of the surface topology of the material to provide extreme electrical performance. 

NiCarb is made using standard industrial electrodeposition techniques, making the process production worthy and easily scale-able.

NiCarb Pad Cross Section

A representational stack up of a NiCarb pad on PCB Laminate

Examination of topological uniformity

SEM at 1090x magnification, 60 degree angle.


  • Bandwidth: Room Temperature Ballistic conductor (DC to Greater than 100 Ghz)

  • Self Inductance: 0.01 nH

  • Mutual Inductance: 0.0 (Mutual Inductance Cancellation)

  • Mutual Capacitance: 0.001 pf

  • Contact Resistance: <5 mΩ

  • Extreme Hardness (Mohs Scale 9 or greater)

  • Extreme Strength 

  • Extreme power handling (over 12 amps per contact at 1.0 mm pitch) 

  • Fine pitches possible

  • Ultra Pure, Ultra fine grain Nickel Carbon alloy

  • Gas tight, oxide penetrating connection

  • Allows for high quality electrical connections even in the presence of adhesive, dirt or grease 

  • Replaces soldering, Wire bonding and on bump bonding with diffusion bonding.

  • Viable for all stages of electronics device development

Potential Applications

  • Electronics

  • Semiconductors

  • Telecommunications

  • Quantum computers

  • Hall effect sensors

  • Low loss wires

  • High Voltage connectors

  • RF Connectors

  • Heat pipes

  • Distillation

  • Metal Refining

  • Electric motors and generators

  • Heat Sinks

  • Sails for ships

  • Antenna

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