IC Sockets for test and production

Current test solutions, like elastomerics or pogo pins, have their strengths and weakness's.


Low cost/Low frequency test fixtures have low yields and increased retesting. High cost/High frequency test fixtures work well but are expensive and have a limited lifespan.

Into the marketplace steps a new solution, a disruptive shift towards higher frequency, higher yields, longer life, less re-testing, less downtime, and an overall lower cost per test than ever before, DUT's "NiCarb" contact technology. 

DUT's NiCarb test fixture consists of a combination of several technologies utilizing standard PCB fabrications techniques at its foundation.

Contact Technology Comparison Chart

Please find below a comparison chart detailing DUT's unique advantages over industry alternatives

Industry leading frequency bandwidth, repeatability and longevity


Guaranteed solderability of tested devices


Reduced maintenance requirements


Significant yield improvements  & Improved bottom line


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