What is the ACP Connector? How does it work?

The ACP connector is the worlds first elastomeric based coaxial connector. The ACP Connector replaces the industry standard Male/Female sexualized pins with an asexual elastomeric interface we call the "interposer".


Each ACP Connector assembly contains 3 components, the cable plug, the board jack and the interposer. Each assembly includes both male and female mechanical mating bodies. Only the cable to board interface, the interposer, is asexual.

In an ACP Connector, the cable itself is cleaved at a 90 angle and polished smooth. This polished surface is then pressed against the interposer, making electrical connection.

2-Hole Bolt-on Mount Coaxial Connector Assembly

Cable Series:                        047 Semi-Rigid

Frequency (GHz):                 DC to 115

Mounting:                            2-Hole Bolt-on Mount

Hole spacing:                       7.16 mm (0.282")

Screw Type:                         #0-80

ACP-047-SS-A_PCB v6.png


  • Mode free greater than 115 GHz

  • Low VSWR (1.4 max.)

  • Low insertion loss (0.25 dB max.)

  • Long cycle life (>100,000 mating cycles)


  • Available in:​ 

    1. Stainless Steel

    2. Gold Plated Brass


-55 to +125 C

Insertion Loss

Return Loss

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Screenshot_20211019-160842_Adobe Acrobat.jpg

Voltage Standing Wave Ratio

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Cycle Life